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The GN1000 RHL lets you answer remotely! Its built-in ring detector alerts you to incoming calls. Then, it automatically lifts your handset off-hook when you activate your headset. Compatible with all Jabra Wireless headsets. 
Plantronics HL10 automatic lifter 31532_a.jpg More Views
Plantronics HL10 automatic lifter

Answer calls without having to unhook your handset!

  • Automatically lifts handset
  • Enables Remote Call Control
  • Quick and quiet performance
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Item#: 32007
  • $79.95

Plantronics HL10 Lifter
Plantronics HL10 Lifter
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Item#: 31532
  • $89.99

Sennheiser HSL-10 Handset Lifter 31971_a.jpg More Views
Sennheiser HSL-10 Handset Lifter

Answer and ends calls away from your phone!

  • Automatically lifts handset
  • Enables Remote Call Control
  • Remote ring detection
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Item#: 31971
  • $99.95

VXi L50 Remote Handset Lifter 31934_a.jpg More Views
VXi L50 Remote Handset Lifter

Answer and end calls remotely right from your VXi V100 Wireless Headset!

  • Answer and end calls anywhere
  • User-friendly set-up
  • Easy to use
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Item#: 31934
  • $80.00
  • $16.00
  • $64.00

Jabra GN1000 RHL Remote Handset Lifter 7606.jpg More Views
Jabra GN1000 RHL Remote Handset Lifter

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Item#: 7606
  • $75.00
  • $7.50
  • $67.50

Touch-N-Talk Handset Lifter 1275.jpg More Views
Touch-N-Talk Handset Lifter

Headset users! This handy device lifts your handset for you.

  • Hands-free pickup & hangup
  • Lift rod prevents accidental hangups
  • Secures with Velcro® or bracket
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Item#: 1275
  • $14.99

Headset Organizer 1480.jpg More Views
Headset Organizer

Organize your headset!

  • Raised & tilted phone/amp platform
  • Frees up desktop space
  • Includes headset hanger
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Item#: 1480
  • $24.99

Deluxe Phone Stand 5090.jpg More Views
Deluxe Phone Stand
  • Supports up to 8 lbs.
  • Usually ships in 1–2 business days
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Item#: 5090
  • $14.99

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April 24, 2014