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Yamaha PJP-20UR web conference microphone speaker

The definitive web conferencer for small groups!

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Item#: 31124
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Product Information

The Yamaha PJP-20UR is a web conferencer microphone speaker with an adaptive high performance echo canceller. Just connect it to a PC with a USB cable, and experience smooth, hands-free communication anywhere with no echo or audio cut-outs.

Advanced features ensure smooth conferencing for both listeners and talkers!

Adaptive echo canceller — lets you install the PJP-20UR anywhere without concern about echo or cut-outs. The echo canceller automatically adjusts the echo-canceling filter factor according to the surrounding environment. It also ensures audio will not cut out or drop in volume even when parties on opposite ends are speaking at the same time.

High definition — wideband microphone speaker delivers ultra clear audio.

Smooth duplex performance — allow participants to speak naturally to each other as if in the same room.

Easy installation — Simply connect to your PC with a USB cable and enjoy clear web conferencing anywhere.

Compact design — lets you transport the PJP-20UR effortlessly to any location.

Product Specification
Yamaha products
Manufactured by Yamaha products (See More>>)
Mfr. Part Number yapjp-20ur
August 21, 2014