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GN2110 SoundTube Single Headset with AT3 Plug-Prong Amp w/mute

Latest-technology, single-earphone headset performs comfortably all day! INCLUDES 2-prong amp!

GN Netcom

Includes: GN Netcom 2110 SoundTube Single Speaker Headset, AT3 Plug-Prong Amplifier w/mute

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Product Information

It's the duo you won't want to be without — GN Netcom's SoundTube headset and the new AT3 Plug-prong amplifier. You'll experience super comfort with crisp, clear voice transmission.

GN Netcom 2110 SoundTube Single Headset

  • Single-ear styling — makes it easy for you to monitor activity in the area, and interact with your co-workers.
  • Quick-disconnect feature — provides an easy way to step away from your phone without disconnecting the call or even removing your headset.
  • Five replaceable rubber filters — are included with your headset.
AT3 Plug-prong Amplifier with Mute
  • Unique 90° bendable housing — minimizes space usage at your desk.
  • Mute LED — indicates when your mute mode is activated.
  • Full range volume control — enables you to set comfort level.
  • FailSafe™ Compression — provides a constant output level with varying input signals; boost the weak and reduce the strong.
  • Patent pending circuit — prevents clipping and distortion as well as safe guards you against acoustic spikes.

Product Manual(s)
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Product Specification
GN Netcom
Manufactured by GN Netcom (See More>>)
Mfr. Part Number 6321+13128
August 21, 2014