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GN2020 Flex Single Direct Connect Headset with Smart Cord

GN Netcom

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Product Information

Designed to perform and built to last, the rugged GN2020 Flex Single headset filters out background clamor with a noise-cancelling microphone. In addition, the large ear cushion ensures excellent acoustical coupling and call clarity!

GN2020 Flex Single headset features:

Noise-cancelling microphone — filters out background noise, so voice transmission is exceptionally clear.

Self-adjusting speakers — automatically adjust to the shape and angle of your ear.

Round, oversized ear cushion — ensures excellent acoustical coupling and call clarity.

2-Year manufacturer's “No Fine Print” warranty — ensures this headset is made to last.

GN1200 Smart Cord — eliminates the need for multiple cords for connecting to different phone systems. It connects between telephones with built-in modular headset jacks and GN Netcom brand headsets. You choose your phone type through the eight-position select switch on the Smart Cord.

Before You Order:
Most phone systems require the use of an amplifier such as GN8000. Your phone must have a separate modular headset jack to use the Smart Cord with a headset. The GN1200 Smart Cord will not work with headsets from manufacturers other than GN Netcom.

Product Manual(s)
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Product Specification
GN Netcom
Manufactured by GN Netcom (See More>>)
Mfr. Part Number 14601+14511
August 20, 2014