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GN2117 SureFit SoundTube Headset with Cord for Plantronics Amp

Latest-technology, over-the-ear headset performs comfortably all day & connects directly to your phone… no amp needed!

  • Over-the-ear Wearing Style
  • Single Speaker
  • SoundTube Boom Style
  • 2 yr Warranty

Includes: GN Netcom 2117 SureFit SoundTube Headset, Cord for Plantronics Amplifier

  • $129.00
  • $32.25
  • $96.75

Product Information

Here's an inexpensive way to upgrade to a great headset: replace the top, but not the amp. You'll like the sleek look of the SoundTube. Voice transmission is clear and natural. It's comfortable, too. There's no other headset like it!

Looks good, feels good…

Slip the sleek SureFit earpiece over your ear and the first thing you'll notice is…that you barely notice it. This headset is incredibly light. At just 1 ounce it's one of the lightest professional headsets available.

The foam-covered earhook is pillow-soft and fully flexible, so you can concisely form it to fit your ear. You'll be truly comfortable, even when you spend extra-long hours on the phone.

...and it sounds incredible.

You'll sound great, too! This GN Netcom version of the classic tube-style headset delivers excellent sound quality.

The SoundTube headset features a single-piece coated alloy voice tube that's finely calibrated to optimally transmit sound waves to the omni-directional microphone. And it won't stretch out over time, the way plastic tubes often do. A rubber filter tip keeps dust, saliva, food, and makeup out of the tube, preventing clogs and delivering crisp sound quality. Saves you the expense of replacing tubes, too.

Plus, the brushed metal tube seems to give this headset a much cooler look than ordinary plastic-tube models.

It's guaranteed to work with your Plantronics amp.

This headset comes with a special 10-foot quick-disconnect cord, made to plug directly into your Plantronics amp. You can use it with confidence. We've thoroughly tested it—and we'll cover the warranty on your Plantronics amp. If our headset causes your amp to malfunction, we'll immediately replace it with a GN amp. You also get a 2-year warranty on your headset top.

Get a SoundTube headset and enjoy all this:
  • Guaranteed compatibility with your Plantronics amp allows you to upgrade your headset without spending the money to replace your amp.
  • On-the-ear styling is especially unobtrusive, and won't muss your hair. Plus, it covers just one ear, so you can easily interact with co-workers and monitor activity in the area.
  • Swing-away boom allows the microphone to be moved out of the way for beverage breaks.
  • Quick-disconnect feature provides an easy way to step away from the phone without disconnecting the call or even removing your headset. A 10-foot cord gives you a generous range while you're connected.
  • Replaceable rubber filter is easy to clean, far less expensive to replace than the entire tube assembly. Five of these filters are included with each headset.
  • 2-Year manufacturer's "No Fine Print" warranty ensures this headset top is made to last.

Before you order:
This headset is guaranteed compatible with your Plantronics A20, M10, MX10, CATM10, M12, or S20 amp.

If you have a Plantronics P10 Two-Prong Amplifier, please add a GN Netcom QD Converter for Plantronics P10 Amplifier (Item #7768) to your order.

Have an ACS amplifier? We have GN headset tops for you, too. Ask your Hello Direct representative for a complete list.

Product Specification
Wearing StyleOver-the-ear
Boom StyleSoundTube
Warranty2 yr
Office EnvironmentModerately Noisy
Acoustical ProtectionYes
Adjustable BoomNo
Bandwidth300-3400 Hz
Battery Charging Timen/a
Boom - RotateYes
Boom - Swing OutYes
Boom Covers TypeTips
Cell Phone CompatibleOptional (with 2.5 mm adapter - Item # 2999)
Click-Stop HeadbandYes
Compatible AmpsGN
ConnectorGN, RJ9
Designed For Hearing DisabledNo
Direct Connect CordYes
Ear Cushion TypeLeatherette
Ear Cushions ShapeRound
Ear Cushions SizesSmall
Headband MaterialMetal
Headset Weight1 oz.
Noise Canceling Amount0
Quick Disconnect FeatureYes
Telecoil CompatibleNo
USBOptional (with USB adapter - Item # 7559)

Manufactured by GN Netcom (See More>>)
Mfr. Part Number 6443+2791
May 28, 2015