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GN Netcom 2100 Telecoil Headsets

Direct the sound clearly through your hearing aid


GN 2100 Telecoil & 8210 AMP

Latest-technology, comfortable single-earphone headset features noise-cancelling mic AND hearing-aid connection! INCLUDES Digital Amp which removes almost all background noise!

Key Features: Over-the-head Wearing Style, Single Speaker, Flex Boom Style, Noise Canceling Microphone, Digital Amp Package, 2 yr Warranty

Includes:GN Netcom 2100 Telecoil Headset, Digital Amplifier

  • $357.00
  • $107.10
  • $249.90

Product Information

At last - a headset designed for hearing-aid wearers! This headset uses advanced telecoil technology to amplify sound so you don't have to ask your caller to repeat themselves. Plus, the noise-cancelling mic filters out background noise so you hear every word.

Just look at the benefits!

Advanced telecoil technology amplifies sound so you can hear conversations clearly.

Dual-earpiece styling - includes soft leatherette cushions that rest gently over both ears for a super-comfortable fit.

Click-stop headband - provides a customized fit for even more comfort.

Hearing-aid compatible - works with all telecoil-equipped hearing aids.

2-Year manufacturer's "No Fine Print" warranty ensures this headset is made to last.

Headset package with Jabra LINK 850 Audio Processor (Amplifier) — Jabra LINK 850 Audio Processor delivers consistent sound clarity, background noise reduction, and safer noise levels, ensuring fewer call interruptions and allowing agents to complete more calls faster. The LINK 850 also future-proofs your headset investment if you’re considering a move to Unified Communications. It connects to virtually any phone, plus provides easy PC connectivity for UC calls.

Note: With dual connectivity, the Jabra LINK 850 replaces both the GN8000 Standard Amplifier and GN8050 Multimedia Amplifier.

Before you order: Connection to a USB port on a PC is necessary to power the Jabra LINK 850. If you don't have a USB port, you can purchase a Jabra USB to AC Power Cable (Sku# 13617) for the LINK 850 for AC power.

Headset package with GN8210 Digital Amplifier — GN8210 Digital Amplifier dramatically reduces incoming background noise and provides you with enhanced sound quality and protection against excessively-loud sounds. The GN8210 operates in one of three user-selected audio modes to suit the protection needs and sound quality preferences of each user.

Product Specification
Wearing StyleOver-the-head
Boom StyleFlex
MicrophoneNoise Canceling
PackageJabra LINK 850 Audio Processor (Amplifier) connects to virtually any phone and PC and delivers consistent sound clarity, background noise reduction, and safer noise levels. The Jabra GN8210 Digital Amplifier connects to virtually any phone, dramatically reducing incoming background noise and providing enhanced sound quality and safe sound levels.
Warranty2 yr
Office EnvironmentNoisy
Acoustical ProtectionYes
Adjustable BoomYes
Battery Charging TimeN/A
Boom - RotateYes
Boom - Swing OutNo
Boom Covers TypeFoam
Cell Phone CompatibleOptional (with 2.5 mm adapter - Item # 2999)
Click-Stop HeadbandYes
Compatible AmpsJabra
ConnectorGN Netcom
Designed For Hearing DisabledYes
Direct Connect CordNo
Ear Cushion TypeLeatherette
Ear Cushions ShapeRound
Ear Cushions SizesSmall
Headband MaterialMetal
Headset Weight2.4 oz.
Noise Canceling Amount10
Quick Disconnect FeatureYes
Telecoil CompatibleYes
USBOptional (with USB adapter - Item # 13705)

Manufactured by Jabra (See More>>)
Mfr. Part Number 13030+13436
February 11, 2016
4-in-1 Corded Office Headset