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The new year is the perfect time to embrace new practices and technologies. Jumpstart success in 2014 with one of the AMAZING Ways below, or devise your own!

5 Ways to Jumpstart Success in 2014
#1 Experience sensor Technology
Thanks to new sensor technology, your headset knows when you put it on, and answers your calls automatically! You barely have to lift a finger. It even pauses streaming audio when you take it off. So you don�t miss a beat or a call.

Bluetooth Headset for mobile and deskphone calls

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#2 Boost your connectivity
The average worker has 3.5 devices. You can talk hands-free on multiple devices with dual and triple connectivity headsets. Juggle your priorities, not your devices!

Dual use for desk phone and softphone calls

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#3 Conference on demand
Now you can work anywhere. Turn your laptop, tablet or phone into an instant conference room with portable speakerphones that connect via Bluetooth or USB. Small size; big impact! So you can sound professional wherever work takes you.

Turn your pc, tablet or smartohone into an instant conference room.

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#4 Work in your slippers
More companies are embracing WFH (work from home), after seeing increased productivity, employee satisfaction and reduced costs.

Noise-canceling with all-day comfort

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#5 Make the last three feet of UC count
What makes or breaks the success of your UC implementation is the user experience in those last 3 feet where they connect with customers and colleagues. High quality endpoints (like webcams, headsets and speakerphones) make all the difference.

Seamless integration plus HD Voice

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