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Personal Call Logger

Item#: 3755
Personal Call Logger 3755.jpg

Keep permanent records of important calls!

Keep permanent recordings of important calls. Capture every word on your computer! Just plug this device in between your phone and sound card. Set it to record every call — or activate it manually on specific calls. Then, use the included software to sort, play back, and even e-mail your audio files.

Document exactly what's said.

Avoid potential misunderstandings. Record important telephone conversations word-for-word—directly onto your computer. The Personal Call Logger makes it very easy. Just plug it into the mic port on your sound card, and into your phone. (If you have an analog phone, you'll connect it between the phone and the wall. If you have a digital phone, you'll connect it between the phone and the handset.) Then load the software onto your system from the CD.

You're set to record negotiations, agreements, sales transactions, and any other business you handle by phone. The software time/date stamps each recording, and allows you to manage your stored audio files. You can instantly replay any recording. Sort your collection of recordings however you like. E-mail a recording so someone else can listen to it. Transfer or copy recordings (onto a CD, for example) to keep in your permanent archives.

  • Simple connection — takes just minutes.
  • Included software — allows you to manage recording. You can elect to record every call, or just select one. And you can replay, sort, e-mail, transfer, and copy files very easily.
  • Unlimited capacity — is available as you transfer older files to other media, and always have space for new recordings on your PC.
  • Caller ID internet-lookup capability — lets you seek out a caller's name and address by simply clicking on any recording.
  • Digital/analog phone compatibility — means the Personal Call Logger will work with whichever type of phone you have.
System Requirements:
Pentium PC or better
Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP
Sound card
Free microphone port

  • Record calls to your PC
  • Simple connection
  • Includes call management software
  • Caller ID internet-lookup capability
  • Compatible with digital and analog lines
  • $89.00
  • $19.01
  • $69.99
Manufactured by: Digital Loggers
Mfr. Part Number: pl3.0