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What is Voice Assist?
Voice Assist is a fast and safe way to make calls, manage your e-mails and send text messages by voice commands over the phone. You just call a Voice Assist access number and say what you want to do.
Who needs Voice Assist?
Anyone who spends time out of the office, especially in the car, needs Voice Assist. Voice Assist is especially useful to salespeople, business owners, managers, attorneys, CPA’s, doctors, realtors, mortgage bankers and other people who need to stay in contact with lots of people. Any business person who travels or is on the road will find Voice Assist the ideal solution to be more productive when away from the office.
What kind of phone do I need?
You can use Voice Assist with any phone. There is no software to download, to use the service you just call in to a Voice Assist access number. You need Calling Line ID to be able to automatically log into the service.
Which Voice Assist plan will I have?
Your bundle price includes 12 months of the Voice Assist Standard plan at $30, a 50% savings just for Hello Direct customers! Subscribers can cancel their service at any time but there are no refunds. Calls can be made anywhere within the contiguous U.S. and Canada.
How do I activate my Voice Assist Service?
Once you order one of the Headset Bundles on this page, you will receive an order confirmation email. Included in the email will be a link to the Activation Page for your new Voice Assist Service.