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Today's Business Requires Mobility. Is your Workforce Ready?

By 2013, 75% of the US workforce will be mobile.* The extensive growth of mobile workers in the US market has led to a need for people to stay connected whether at their desk, roaming around the office, in the car, at the airport, at home, or during private leisure time. Read More...

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BYOD - Bring Your Own Device
Mobile Devices - Growing & Converging
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Today's device choices are increasingly influenced by the end-user, especially as mobile workers become more deeply engaged with their devices due to smartphone and tablet popularity.

However, while mobile workers have consumer-like demands (ease-of-use and design focus), they still require full connectivity to the company's IT infrastructure and support system.

Bring Your Own Device: An Unstoppable Trend
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As the popularity of mobile devices grows for consumer use, workers will increasingly demand to use their preferred devices for work as well.

This will include both smartphones and tablets. The proliferation of mobile apps will increase demand for access on all preferred devices.

Hands-free Needs Are Getting More Complex
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Users have more devices - and more communication platforms.

Mobile workers are going from using their mobile phone as their primary communication tool to using their laptop via soft phones (pc based telephony) - both corporate (e.g. Microsoft Lync) and private (e.g Skype and Facetime).

Increasingly, these soft phones are available on smartphones and tablets and new applications with communication capabilities continue to enter the market.

Mobile Worker Trends:
Why You Should Prepare for Flexible Workspaces

  • Device choices for business will be increasingly influenced by the end-user, as mobile workers develop strong preferences in their personal use of smartphone and tablet models.
  • Mobile UC, Cloud services and virtual desktops will all fuel the use of mobile devices for professional purposes.
  • Mobile workers will have consumer-like demands but still expect full support and certification to the company's IT infrastructure and devices.
  • The increasing popularity of social networks among workers and companies requires incorporating access into IT plans.
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