Shokz OpenComm Headset with Bone Conduction

Engineered with bone conduction technology and a unique open-ear design, Shokz new OpenComm headset is changing the game.

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Shokz OpenComm Headset with Bone Conduction

The Shokz OpenComm UC is now available with a USB-C adapter. This bone conduction stereo Bluetooth headset is designed to provide an optimal work-from-home experience. It facilitates crystal-clear communication when used with web conferencing software. Let's take a look at the features that this new headset can offer whether you are working from home or on the go.

What Are the Advantages of Bone Conduction?

Bone conduction technology works by sending vibrations through your skull directly into your inner ear. Compared to traditional air conduction technology, bone conduction headsets can give clearer sound quality without blocking ambient sounds. Many people find this kind of headset more comfortable than a traditional headset to wear for long periods of time, for example, while working at a computer.

Even though bone conduction headsets look more open than traditional in-ear headsets, they still offer a completely private listening experience. People in the environment cannot hear your calls. However, you can retain full awareness of your environment. If someone needs to talk to you in person, you can easily hear and respond to them without having to remove your headset. Choosing bone conduction technology is a great way to access outstanding audio quality in your calls. Shokz OpenComm UC features PremiumPitch 2.0, which picks up and equalizes medium and high-frequency vocals to facilitate communication. Never miss another word when participating in a call or listening to an important piece of audio content.

What's New About Shokz OpenComm UC?

The Shokz OpenComm UC comes with a wireless adapter, which allows you to connect the headset to the USB port on your computer for optimal performance. The adapter is tiny and slots easily into the USB-A slot on a typical laptop or desktop computer. It contains Bluetooth technology that allows the headset to establish a more stable and continuous connection with the computer.

You can still use OpenComm with a phone while on the go, thanks to the reliable device pairing offered by Bluetooth v5.1 technology. You can even connect the headset to a computer, using the wireless adapter, and to a mobile device at the same time. Note that other brands of headphones are not compatible with the adapter.

Why Use Shokz Opencomm for Video Conferencing?

Shokz OpenComm UC is compatible with all video conferencing platforms. In the office, the open design allows you to enjoy both easy in-person collaboration and seamless remote communication. At home, you can stay connected to your work without losing awareness of what's going on around you -- ideal if you need to keep an eye on kids or listen out for a delivery.

Does Shoks OpenComm UC Have Good Battery Life?

When you choose OpenComm UC, you can enjoy the benefits of its great battery life. The headset offers up to 16 hours of talk time and up to 8 hours of listening or music. That's plenty for most people to get through a work day. The high-sensitivity technology built into the headset enables it to deliver such excellent battery life. If you do run out of charge, don't panic. The headset fully charges in just 60 minutes. Even 5 minutes of charging gives you 2 hours of talk time.

Does Shokz OpenComm UC Have a Good Microphone?

The boom microphone of the Shokz OpenComm UC features advanced DSP noise-canceling technology and noise reduction algorithms. The result is that vocals are picked up and filtered to provide exceptional call quality. Background noise is kept to a minimum. When the microphone is not needed, you can rotate it out of the way. During calls, position ithe boom optimally to capture your voice. The microphone is not removable but is very flexible, giving a lot of possibilities for its positioning.

What Do You Get With Your Shokz OpenComm UC?

In the box, you will recieve your OpenComm Stereo Bluetooth headset, as well as the Loop 100 USB-A Wireless Adapter for superior computer connection. You will also receive a magnetic induction charger and a hard shell carrying case to keep your headset safe while you are on the go.

Is the Shokz OpenComm UC a Good Choice?

If you are in need of a headset for conference calls and telecommuting, then the Shokz OpenComm UC is a great choice. It's a durable option, with IP55 resistance to moisture and sweat. One size fits most, so you don't have to worry about choosing the right size from a range. If you want to have the option to work from a computer as well as on the go, like you can with the OpenComm UC original, then the Shokz OpenComm UC headset is a great choice.