What Is Jabra Dynamic Composition?

Dynamic Composition does away with traditional views during video meetings and gives remote participants a more immersive view of all other people on the call.

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What Is Jabra Dynamic Composition?

Microsoft has been a major proponent of the hybrid workplace, which is why they've been working closely with hardware provider Jabra to fine-tune Dynamic Composition, one of the latest advancements for meetings in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft itself has been using Jabra's technology at its Executive Briefing Center in Redmond, Washington, and the product became available to Jabra users last summer with the goal of giving everyone an equal slice of the screen during video calls.

What Is Dynamic Composition?

Dynamic Composition is comparable to Symmetry from Neat or Inclusiview from DTEN, both of which we've explored here on the HelloDirect blog. The goal of Dynamic Composition is to do away with traditional views during video meetings and give remote participants a more immersive view of all other people on the call. Instead of only seeing one active speaker, Dynamic Composition brings the natural flow of conversation to everyone watching.

You'll need the Jabra PanaCast 50 conference camera to make use of Dynamic Composition, which will take the video feed from your PanaCast 50 and split it intelligently for better remote viewing. The goal is to take everyone in the room with the PanaCast 50 and give them their own box on the screen so that video participants can see everyone all at once, but it's far more dynamic than a standard gallery view.

Using intelligent and automated zooming and framing, Dynamic Composition allows participants to move about the room, restoring their personality and energy to their presentation. Instead of worrying about staying in the frame, they can speak naturally while being confident that all remote participants can see them just as well as the people sitting at the table. Meanwhile, Dynamic Composition zooms in on others in the room, allowing remote participants to feel immersed through body language and facial expressions, restoring crucial context that's often missing from video calls.

Why You Should Use It

Dynamic Composition helps make video calls feel more engaging. By scrapping traditional spotlight and gallery views and transforming each person's frame into a dynamic moving picture, video meetings will feel more exciting and digestible for everyone, making supporting a hybrid work environment that much easier.

The key features and benefits of Dynamic Composition include the following:

  • Intelligent framing gives every in-person participant their own box on the screen of remote participants.
  • Automatic zooming keeps each person in their frame even as they move around the room, allowing them to present naturally.
  • If there are more than four people in the physical meeting room, remote participants will see only the four most recent speakers on their screen to avoid visual fatigue.
  • Dynamic Composition is fully compatible with Microsoft's other hybrid meeting tools, like Front Row, which places remote participants at eye level on the conference board.

If you've felt like your video meetings fall flat due to technical limitations, Dynamic Composition could provide the immersive and engaging experience you're after.

Hardware and Compatibility

Dynamic Composition works with Jabra's PanaCast 50, which is a conferencing solution that you can place in your meeting room, providing turnkey video for all of your hybrid meetings. The PanaCast 50 is formatted as an intelligent video bar, which is sleek, space-saving, and highly capable. It's also compatible with the PanaCast 20, which is a personal camera solution. The PanaCast 50 provides a 180-degree field of view, allowing everyone to get into the picture without crowding around the far end of the conference table. Since PanaCast 50 offers a wider field of view than competitors like DTEN's Inclusiview, it's able to frame more attendees and provide more life-like video experiences for remote participants. The PanaCast 50 also comes with built-in professional audio that picks up everyone's voice effortlessly while minimizing background noise.

PanaCast 50 includes additional features to support a safe hybrid workspace, including anonymous room occupancy data, room usage insights, and a Safety Capacity tool to ensure in-person participants always feel comfortable stepping into a meeting. Edge AI processing also helps enhance security and support a seamless meeting experience for everyone.

The only downside? Jabra's solution is designed to work exclusively with Microsoft Teams. If you're interested in a similar solution that works with Zoom meetings, try Neat Symmetry or DTEN Inclusiview.

If you need help finding the right hardware for your use case, contact our team at Hello Direct. We offer a massive catalog of new technology that can improve your hybrid workspace by providing more immersive experiences for your remote attendees.