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What Is Poly DirectorAI People Framing?

Poly DirectorAI's people framing mode facilitates hybrid meetings. Find out how it can improve communication between remote and in-person participants.

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January 10, 2023 9:32:15 AM PST January 10, 2023 9:32:15 AM PSTth, January 10, 2023 9:32:15 AM PST

What Is Poly DirectorAI People Framing?

In an attempt to make meetings accessible to as many people as possible, many organizations are adopting hybrid meeting practices. Some participants meet in person and communicate face-to-face, while others attend the meeting remotely. In-person participants can easily see remote participants via a screen. However, remote participants often report problems seeing and hearing their in-person coworkers clearly. This can lead to some teammates feeling isolated and struggling to participate fully in the workplace.

Poly DirectorAI's people framing mode is a technological solution to this frustrating challenge affecting so many modern businesses. It allows remote and in-person participants to play a full part in any hybrid meeting by making it easier for everyone to focus on the person speaking. As a result, people framing mode can help to bring teams closer together and encourages more effective collaboration.

How Does Poly DirectorAI People Framing Mode Work?

Poly DirectorAI is now able to facilitate hybrid meetings more effectively than ever, thanks to its new people framing mode. This smart camera technology makes it easier for remote participants to see which in-person participants are speaking and focus on what they are saying. The technology automatically splits the video feed showing the in-person part of the meeting into individual frames, each displaying a single participant or two participants sitting close together. The AI automatically determines how to split and arrange the frames for maximum accessibility. The result is a seamless hybrid meeting experience that allows everyone to participate fully. People framing mode allows in-person participants to enjoy all the benefits of being part of a remote meeting. They each get their own individual tile, which means that each of the remote participants can easily see their name and face. This solves a big problem that often arises during hybrid meetings, where remote participants have difficulty seeing who is in the room and remembering names to call on. As a result, in-person participants often find that they are rarely called to speak, which can make the meeting feel less meaningful for them. This problem is eliminated when using Poly DirectorAI's people framing mode, as all participants can participate in the discussion on an equal footing.

When people framing mode is switched on, the camera automatically combines several different zoomed-in views of the conference room to give an optimum layout of tiles, each showing a participant's face clearly. It is designed to provide a meeting experience that is as natural and intuitive as possible.

What's the Compatibility for Poly DirectorAI's People Framing Mode?

The great thing about Poly DirectorAI's people framing mode is that the technology is present in the camera. Therefore, you can use people framing mode with any video conferencing app that is compatible with your Poly DirectorAI video device. No matter what platform you use to handle your hybrid meetings, you can take advantage of this advanced remote participation technology. You can also switch between platforms without a problem to accommodate the needs of each team meeting and the preferences of its participants.

How to Use Poly DirectorAI's People Framing Mode

People framing mode is currently available on both the Poly Studio X70 video bar and the Poly Studio E70 camera. You can use either the system's web interface or the Poly Lens app to turn it on. The exact process for turning on people framing mode may depend on your device, so be sure to check out the detailed instructions available for your device. Depending on your video app, you might even be able to switch between different camera modes via the platform interface settings.

The Effects of Poly DirectorAI's People Framing Mode on the Future of Hybrid Working

Poly DirectorAI's people framing mode represents the next step in hybrid working. By allowing in-person and remote employees to feel like they are participating on an equal footing, people framing mode levels the playing field between these two valid working styles. As a result, businesses can utilize the talents of employees and partners no matter where in the world they are located. Thanks to this technology, hybrid meetings are set to become a standard form of working.

If you frequently need to hold meetings that include both participants who join remotely and people who are physically present in the meeting room, then Poly DirectorAI's people framing mode could be invaluable for you. Why not give the technology a go to see if it can make your hybrid meetings more personal and productive?