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Video Conferencing Equipment for Home

Small business is making the change to work from home, and now more than ever, video conferencing is an important and integral part of team collaboration.

In small business, work from home can be especially beneficial because, with the help of video conferencing and flexibility, work from home employees can divide up their time and get more productivity out of their day according to their schedules and how they work. As we know, work from home is much different than work at the office.

There are challenges and benefits, of course, to work from home. Video conferencing is one of these benefits. Keeping employees connected and on task, video conferencing allows for colleagues to appoint action items to team members, innovate and expand small business.

The state of the workforce is evolving, and if you’re fortunate to have a small business that is able to allow its employees to work from home, you’ll most likely need to be equipped with the tools to successfully keep your small business running seamlessly.

It is unknown how long we as a collective will have to work from home. Hello Direct, Inc. is a small business that has made the transition from the office to work from home, as many of you have; and through tried and true testing, personal use and customer feedback, we’ve curated a directory of work from home essentials that you may need to make the move to long-term remote work. From headsets, speakerphones and video conferencing cameras, to accessories and Wifi extenders for your home office, these work from home essentials will set you up for efficient virtual meetings and team communication.