Procell Alkaline D Battery, 1.5V - PC1300

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MPN: PC1300
  • General purpose, professional industrial D battery
  • Ideal for powering mid- and low-drain professional devices
  • Reliable, long-lasting power
  • Date-coded for effective inventory management
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Procell Alkaline D Battery, 1.5V



  • General purpose, professional industrial batteries
  • Procell Alkaline D industrial batteries are general purpose batteries, ideal for powering mid and low drain professional devices, such as flashlights, and sensors
  • Ideal for powering mid- and low-drain professional devices, which include: flashlights, sensors, and more.
  • An example for use would be an automatic faucet, or alarm panel
  • Reliable, long-lasting power

Different from prior Procell Alkaline D batteries, these Duracell Procell Alkaline D Batteries hold reliable, long-lasting power.

These Procell batteries are manufactured using superior cell design to ensure high-quality cell construction.

Each Procell battery comes with a "quality warranty," and Procell possesses stringent battery standards to ensure safety, manufacturing, and quality.

They are economically packaged in bulk and individually date-coded for effective inventory management.

Used by manufacturers around the world, Procell Alkaline D batteries have been designed in collaboration with various manufacturers to ensure they work best in professional devices.

They operate at temperatures from negative 4 degrees F to 129.2 degrees F

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1 ct Duracell Procell Alkaline D 1.5 volt battery
Size: D (LR20) PC1300
Key Features: Reliable performance, designed to meet all major quality, safety an environmental standards
Safety: IEC 60086-5
Materials: ANSI C 18.1M, Part-2
Quality: ISO 14001 and 9001, Duracell World Class Continuous Improvement Program
Typical Applications: Security keypads, sensors, flushometers
Nominal Capacity: 15,476 mAh
Typical Voltage: 1.5 V
AC Impedance at 1kHz: 136
Typical Weight: 139 g (4.9 oz)
Typical Volume: 56.4 cm (3.4 inches)
Terminals: Flat
Operating Temperature Range: negative 4 degrees F to 130 degrees F
Recommended Storage: 42 degrees F to 86 degrees F

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