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Listen Technologies Tour Group Kit with Rechargeable Batteries

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Create a better tour experience with Listen Technologies Tour Group Kit

Make sure your guests can hear your presentations clearly and they'll enjoy them infinitely more. You don't have to shout or gather everyone close—if you use this listening system. Just speak naturally into the mic and your voice transmits to your guests' individual headsets/receivers, up to 300 feet away.

Now you'll give more professional tours.

Keep your audience's attention and help everyone get the most out of your tours. Use a Listen Technologies listening system to make your presentations. You won't have to shout over background noise, or round people up at every turn, to be heard. Instead, simply speak into a microphone in your normal voice—and your group members can listen through their own headset/receivers up to 300 feet away.

You get the complete setup in this convenient kit: 1 portable transmitter with an over-the-ear microphone headset, 15 portable receivers with ear speakers, 16 sets of NiMH batteries, and a well-made hard-side carrying/charging case for the entire system.

Clip the transmitter onto your belt, position the microphone boom over your ear and you're ready to lead your next tour. The transmitter operates on 57 channels, making it easy to avoid interference—even if you're using more than 1 listening system in the same area. The transmitter's antenna is built right into the microphone cord, so you don't have any extra dangling wires.

Each guest wears a radio-like headset connected to a portable receiver, which can be clipped on a belt, or placed in a pocket or purse. A volume control dial allows everyone to personally set his or her own listening volume. The receiver's 57-channel selector is hidden behind a lockable door, where your guest can't fiddle with it once you have it set.

Both transmitter and receivers are powered by rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, which provide about 8 hours of service on a charge. These batteries don't have the ""memory"" problems of NiCd batteries, so you can charge them as you like, without worrying about shortening their lives. They will last up to 10 times longer than NiCd batteries.

The sturdy carrying case has a built-in charger. Just drop your transmitter and receivers into individual slots and plug the provided cables into their PWR/CHG connectors for charging.

You can use your Listen Technologies listening system indoors or outdoors. Conduct factory tours for customers, associates, investors, or new employees. Provide entertaining tour excursions. Lead groups on informative trail or garden jaunts. And more. Whatever your application you'll appreciate robust audio quality, plus these outstanding features:
  • Digital tuning on 57 channels ensures transmission won't drift and you'll enjoy clear sound. The large range of channels also makes it possible to use Listen systems to lead multiple tours in the same area—without interference, assigning as many receivers to each tour as you like.
  • Portable 72 MHz transmitter clips onto your belt, so you can very comfortably walk and talk. A mute switch allows you to turn off the microphone when you aren't speaking. And, a display shows when the microphone is muted, low battery, and charging status. Input jack accepts a microphone or line-in feed.
  • Over-the-ear noise-cancelling microphone transmits your voice without background sounds. Just slip the comfortable loop over your ear, and adjust the flexible boom to optimally position the mic. A clip allows you to secure the 3-foot cord to your clothes.
  • Portable 72 MHz receivers give your guests the ability to control their own volume as they listen to your presentation up to 300 feet away. Display gives at-a-glance reading of channel selection, battery level, and RF signal strength. Channel selector is behind a lockable door, so guests can't change the setting you've selected.
  • Compact, comfortable ear speakers can be worn on your guests' right or left ears, even with hearing aids, to provide excellent sound. Made of durable black plastic, these speakers are easily cleaned after each use.
  • NiMH batteries are included for your transmitter and each receiver. These batteries provide about 8 hours of power on a charge, and can be recharged any time without loss of memory. SmartCharge™ technology is built into your transmitter and receivers to prevent overcharging.
  • Sturdy carrying/charging case with heavy-duty latches provides protected storage and drop-in recharging for your transmitter, 15 receivers, microphone, and ear speakers. Case measures 18""D x 12.5""W x 6.5""H.
  • Easy system expansion is possible. Simply add more receivers!

Before you order:
Important! The complex nature of Listen Technologies products necessitates a longer delivery time. Please allow up to 7 to 10 working days for these products to arrive at your home or office. We're sure that you will find these listening systems to be well worth the wait, but we do appreciate your patience!

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