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SKU: EPO-1000629
MPN: 1000629
  • Experience superior EPOS sound
  • Empower your people with total flexibility
  • Increase productivity and create focus
  • Ensure enhanced security for all your calls
  • Compatibility: PC, Deskphone, Mobile


Stereo Over the Head Wireless DECT Headset


Double-sided, wireless DECT headset with triple connectivity for professionals using multiple devices including PC/softphone, desk phone and mobile. Super wideband audio, noise-cancelling system and stereo sound offer a superior audio solution.

Boost your performance with superior audio and total flexibility from the IMPACT 5000 Series.

At your desk or around the office, manage calls directly from your headset and switch effortlessly between your devices. Unleash the potential of your talk-centric workforce with a new standard of DECT headsets.

  • Crisp and natural sound with super wideband, for voice clarity that exceeds conventional businessstandards
  • Exceptional speech intelligibility with two microphone noise-cancelling system and pioneering own-voice detection technology
  • Sound clarity in high density environments with high density wideband mode
  • Exceptional music/multimedia experience with EPOS quality stereo sound takes DECT headset performance to the next level
  • Hearing protection from acoustic shock by ensuring that the sound pressure level does not exceed 118 dB
  • Manage all calls from one headset with triple connectivity to softphone/PC, desk and mobile phone
Base station SDW 5 BS, headset, BTD 800 USB dongle (Included in SDW 5066), USB cable, power supply, audio phone cable, printed quick guides (headset and base station), printed safety guide, printed compliance sheet
Microphone:Digital MEMs microphones – two microphone noise-cancelling system for exceptional speech clarity
Microphone frequency range:100 Hz – 11.0 kHz (Super wideband), 100 Hz – 7.5 kHz (Wideband), 150 Hz – 3.5 kHz (Narrowband)
Speaker type:High-quality Neodymium Magnet Speaker for outstanding audio quality
Speaker frequency range:150 Hz – 11.5 kHz (Super wideband), 150 Hz – 7,5 kHz (Standard wideband and High density wideband), 150 Hz – 3.5 kHz (Narrowband), 20 Hz – 20 kHz (Fullband - music mode)
DECT:1.880 to 1.900 MHz (EU, UK, AUS), 1.920 to 1.930 MHz (US)
Base station:SDW 5 BS connects to desk phone, softphone and up to two mobile devices simultaneously (Included in SDW 5066 and SDW 5065)
BTD 800 USB dongle:Included in SDW 5066 and SDW 5064
USB-A port:Supports call handling with EPOS devices and smartphone charging
Temperature range:Operational: +5 °C to + 45 °C / +41 °F to +113 °F, Storage: -20 °C to + 70 °C / -4 °F to +158 °F
Battery (lithium polymer):Exchangeable by service
Range:Line of sight: 180 m / 590 ft, Typical office building: 55 m / 180 ft
Talk time:Up to 14 hours (Narrowband), Up to 12 hours (Density optimized wideband), Up to 11.5 hours (Wideband), Up to 9 hours (Super wideband)
Listen time (music mode):Up to 9 hours (Fullband)
Standby time:Up to 44 hours
Auto sleep mode when out of range:Yes, after 12 hours
Charge time:0 - 50 %: 30 minutes, 0 - 100 %: 1 hour and 30 min

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