Jabra Engage 55 Stereo MS USB-A with Charging Stand

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  • Stereo Over-the-head Wireless Headset
  • Up to 13 hours battery life
  • Great for long wireless calls
  • Incredible wireless range
  • USB adapter (no base)
  • Includes Charging Stand
  • Compatibility: USB-A, PC, Laptop
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Jabra Engage 55 Stereo MS USB-A with Charging Stand

Stereo Over-the-head Wireless Headset


Engage 55 keeps you seamlessly connected up to 150m/490ft away from your laptop, while the compact USB DECT adapter also makes it easy to move about with your laptop during calls. It’s time to go free range.

Engage 55 is DECT Security certified. But because your data security is so important to us, we go beyond the DECT Security Step C level with additional FIPS military-grade 256-bit encryption algorithms, to make sure your conversations stay private. It’s like a mini Fort Knox.

Engage 55 features an impressive noise cancelling microphone to help block out background noise and keep you sounding professional. The speakers are optimized for speech clarity, while wideband audio delivers crisp, crystal clear, natural-sounding calls. We’ll have you sounding like a pro.

Just plug the pre-paired Link 400 adapter into your laptop and you’re good to go. With this easy-to-use, single-connectivity headset, you’re never more than a few seconds away from your first call. Getting going has never been easier.

Unlike traditional USB adapters, the Link 400 has a unique, bendable design that delivers extra durability – reducing the risk of damage if you happen to leave it plugged into your laptop when you move around. It’s also compatible with our award-winning Engage 65 and 75 headsets. Fancy a change of scenery? Engage 55 is ready.

Engage 55 is lightweight and engineered to feel non-clamping, avoiding discomfort and heat build-up. This means that even when you’re in back-to-back calls all day, you can rely on your headset to help you stay cool and comfortable. Because nobody likes uncomfortable conversations.

  • SafeTone™ 2.0 prevents sudden loud audio spikes, limits overall audio exposure, and intelligently maintains comfortable audio levels throughout the day. This advanced technology keeps your ears safe and prevents virtual call fatigue. We’re here for your ears.
  • Engage 55 is certified for Microsoft Teams for a seamless user experience with the platform. The Link 400 USB adapter pulses purple to show you when you have new Teams notifications, helping you stay on top of your communications wherever you are. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • Firmware updates through Jabra Xpress and Jabra Direct enhance your experience and keep your headset running at peak performance, adding even more value to your investment. So you’re always one step ahead.
  • A built-in busylight helps prevent interruptions, by signaling to those around you when you’re on a call. Better than hand signals.
  • With up to 13 hours of battery life , you’re unlikely to run out of charge mid-call, but if you do run low, easy in-call charging means you can simply plug in your headset and keep right on talking. Don’t be cut off mid-flow.

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Headset, USB adapter, USB cable, travel pouch, safety information and warranty
  • Computer - Jabra Link 400 DECT adapter with USB-A or USB-C variant. Extensive, secure range up to 150m/490ft from your computer
  • Single connectivity - Connect to your computer
  • Device pairing - Pair a single headset to your computer. Conference in up to an additional 3 headsets on calls
  • Dual Microphone – ECM Uni-Directional and Analog MEMS system (stereo/mono) ECM Uni-Directional Microphone (convertible)
  • Speakers - Professional grade for exceptional speech clarity
  • Sidetone - Yes
  • Stereo sound - Yes stereo model only
Security:Secure DECT Level C Uses FIPS 140-2 algorithms to exceed DECT Security Step C standards
Ease of use:
  • Rechargeable battery Up to 13 hours battery life for stereo/mono, up to 9 hours for convertible. Spare battery available as an accessory for stereo/mono
  • Busylight acts as a do-not-disturb sign to prevent interruptions
  • Easy charging cable supplied
  • Easy charging and docking with stand
  • Call management to Answer/reject calls; increase/decrease speaker volume; mute
Comfort and wellbeing:
  • Ear cushions: Non-clamping, soft leatherette ear cushions keep ears cool and comfortable, for all-day wear
  • Lightweight: Stereo 83g/2.93oz
  • Hearing protection: SafeToneTM 2.0 comprises PeakStop™ to prevent sudden loud audio spikes, IntelliTone™ 2.0 to limit overall audio exposure, speech level normalization and Intelligent Acoustic Shock Prevention to maintain comfortable audio levels throughout the day
Software integration:Device management and firmware upgrades - Use Jabra Xpress and Jabra Direct to manage and configure
  • UC and MS variants: Choose from Unified Communications or Microsoft Teams variants
  • Wearing styles: Stereo, mono, and convertible. Convertible comes with earhook, neckband and headband
Certifications:Microsoft Teams certified. Meets the Premium Microphone for Open Office standard (stereo and mono variants)

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